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ESTHERLENE MCFIELDI » 3:20pm 01-18-2016
Family i do miss you all thank you for giving me the must love I have every received, except for natural family. My church family has been a true blessing and continues to be. i will see you soon. love Mother
Lisa Monds » 10:58pm 03-30-2014
Excellent job on the webpage design...keep up the good job, Elder Rainey!
Rachel Kahungi » 3:45pm 01-22-2014
This site is awesome. Truly a represents excellence. Thanks for your hard work and effort.
Natasch Connelly » 1:49am 03-25-2013
The message was so on point today! Thank you Pastor MJ. We all will Have a Jerusalem experience
Shaun » 11:23am 09-09-2012
Pastor Bea » 9:48am 01-19-2011
Good Job on thw webpage and update on the pictures.
MJW » 1:26pm 12-24-2010

We Can Get With God or We Can Get With Self, In 2011 - If we choose the Flesh we will fail, If we choose the Spirit we will Succeed!
We Have "A New Way To Roll With God!"
Pastor M.J. Wade » 1:19pm 12-24-2010
God Is, Was and always will be A Good God! In fact he has truly been "Excellent" to me, my family and Our Church this year! It is our prayer that each of you have a Blessed and Prosperous 2011 -
Marion J. Wade » 1:17am 03-16-2010
Well it took a while but our new site is up and running! We praise God for all of His Faithfulness and Goodiness toward us here a PTSFWC, "Where God Is Still God".... Please enjoy our new website and come join us at church..
Darryl Rainey » 4:04pm 03-06-2010
This is just a test. If it was a real message it would make sense.
Replied on: 8:17pm 03-11-2010
Glad to see that the system has been tested. DDR
Les » 2:45am 08-08-2009
It has been an honor to design this website for the PTSFWC. I pray that God continues to increase the ministry of Pastors Marion and Bea Wade.